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Welcome to our community water utility website!

Colina Recovery Inc. or CRI is a water utility providing fire flow and potable water to the homes in Colina Bay, a beautiful gated community in Montverde, FL.  

The water treatment plant is operated by General Utilities and regulated by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP) and the St. Johns River Water Management District (SJRWMD).

Every month our operator uploads the Monthly Operation Report (MOR) and the Lab Reports to the FDEP. These reports are public records in the OCULUS system. A copy is stored on this website. The website is

The residents pay water usage. The utility bill is based on meter readings. The usage is calculated as the difference between the previous meter reading and the current meter reading. The meter readings and billing are done by RCM Utilities. If you have any questions related to your bill, feel free to contact Customer Service at (352) 561-2990.

If you have any questions related to CRI, feel free to contact your Board Members.

As a homeowner, you can sign up to receive access to  Legal Information related to past Turnover and Settlement and Homeowners Reports:
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  • Insurance

Do you have any suggestions for this website, join our communications committee and email one of the board members.

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