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Board Minutes

April 10th 2023

The financial statement has been uploaded for 2022. 
The retained earnings were used to pay the new potable water connection that was missing. 
The budget vs actual for the first quarter was posted as well. 

October 26th, 2022

The community received an invitation with the proposed budget and reserve addendum together with some background information on the operations and finances of the water utility. At the joint annual meeting with the HOA, the current board members agreed to continue to serve. 

The regular meetings are held quaterly and virtual. The agenda and the meeting minutes are posted in the calendar. 

November 21st, 2022
February 1st, 2023
May 3rd, 2023
August 2nd, 2023

The annual meeting will be held together with the HOA and notified by mail. 

December 22nd, 2021

The community was notified at the Colina Bay Homeowners Association Meeting that Ana Orge resigned as Director of Colina Recovery Inc. effective January 1st, 2022. The CRI Board thanked Ana for her continued service to the community and appreciates everything she does for the community. 

September 24th, 2021

Resolution was passed on September 22nd by the Secretary of Colina Bay Homeowners Association to convert CRI to a not for profit corporation. A written consent was given to the President of Colina Bay Homeowners Association to sign all the documents. A petition was prepared by Kevin Stone to submit to the circuit court. New Articles of Incorporation were proposed by Francheska Sabatini. 

All the legal documents were prepared by Stone & Gerken. 

After the election, 4 new Directors were instated with the following officers positions. 

Tania Thollebeke President
Ana Orge Vice President
Michael Schlagel Secretary
Glenn Heikkinen Treasurer

Tania Thollebeke will continue to run the daily operations of the water plant. 
Tania also continues the Treasurer functions by managing Quickbooks and the BB&T bank account. 
All board members are informed by email about any payments. 
Denise Calderon oversees the accounting part and emails out a financial report every month. 

October 20th, 2020

Colina Recovery Inc. owns the water treatment plant and has it's own Tax ID.

Colina Recovery Inc. is a for profit corporation regulated by FS. 607. Florida Business Corporation Act.

The Board of Directors of Colina Recovery Inc. CRI are members of Colina Bay Homeowners Association CBH. The Directors are homeowners and volunteers. CBH created a water committee chaired by the President of CBH, Ana Orge to keep all the homeowners informed.

Ana Orge is the Secretary of CRI. 

The BOD of CRI assigned Tania Thollebeke to run the daily operations of CRI. Tania Thollebeke is the Treasurer. Decisions impacting the budget, are voted on by all 3 BOD at regular meetings. 

The daily operations include:
  • Check accounting with Denise Calderon (not water utility billing) 
  • Create and update budget and reserves as needed. 
  • File the annual report with the Division of Corporations on
  • Stay compliant with all requirements with the help of Kevin Stone, utility attorney
  • Maintain correct information on Lake County Property Appraiser website
  • Maintain proper insurance including equipment insurance and errors and omissions for directors and officers.
  • Check payments of all contractors and service providers through BB&T
  • Oversee the regulatory requirements with FDEP and SJRWMD with General Utilities
  • Oversee preventive maintenance, repairs and improvements with RCM Utilities
  • Coordinate preventive maintenance for generator with Cummins and RCM Utilities. 
  • Oversee meter readings and billing with RCM Utilities
  • Coordinate with Department of Health and Public Works related to fire flow
  • Coordinate lawn maintenance with Exclusive Landscaping
  • Oversee monitoring with Mission Communications and set alarms and notifications in coordination with General Utilities and RCM Utilities. Manage users.
  • Oversee general maintenance of the water treatment plant and find contractors when needed. 
  • Create and maintain a website to inform all the customers, both tenants and homeowners. 
The BOD of CRI will provide a regular update to the BOD of CBH as the water committee at the CBH board meetings.  

The calendar contains the detailed agenda of several meetings held. 
All decisions are made by a majority of Directors. 
All contracts are signed by the President and cosigned by another Officer. 
All checks are signed by 2 Officers. 
Automatic payments have been said up based on signed contracts. 

Board Meeting Minutes and Water Committee Reports will be posted here. 
Feel free to contact any of your Directors if you have any questions or concerns.

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